Cancer Rehabilitation Physiotherapy

Cancer and its treatment takes its toll on your body, your confidence and your emotions.

While every person’s experience of having cancer is different, there are some positive steps you can take to help you move beyond treatment and to regain confidence in yourself and your body.

The Pentimento Project is a physiotherapy clinic focused on cancer rehabilitation based in Brisbane, and run by experienced and supportive physiotherapists.

Physiotherapy as part of your cancer rehabilitation assists you:

Rebuild your ability to undertake everyday activities such as getting the mail or getting dressed.

Build your strength and mobility so you can return to day-to-day life or work.

Understand why your body is responding to treatments in a particular way and what you may experience next.

Manage side effects of treatment such as cancer related fatigue, breathlessness and respiratory problems, osteoporosis, incontinence and erectile dysfunction.

Boost your mood, confidence and ability to focus.

Assist you to normalise and maintain a healthy body, lifestyle and weight.

Reduce stress and anxiety.

Manage your pain.

Reduce the risk of cancer recurrence and mortality.

The Pentimento Project team work with you no matter where you are in your cancer story – from initial diagnosis, post intervention through to undergoing treatment, maintenance therapy and beyond.
All ages, mobility and fitness levels are welcome.

We help you set realistic goals that are centred on you and your changing condition, helping you regain control and self-confidence at a time when things can seem to be spiralling out of control.