My Story

Everyone has their own story. I thought that I would share mine with you. Conversations and stories provide support, education and awareness.

Cancer and Physiotherapy Fact Sheet

An explanation of the role of physiotherapists in cancer rehabilitation compiled by The World Confederation for Physical Therapists, including access to some current research sites.

Pain / Fatigue Cycle

Pain and Fatigue are both interrelated and there are a number of moments to affect change. The Pentimento Project physiotherapists can help to guide you out of this cycle.

Positive Effects of Physical Activity and Exercise During Cancer Rehabilitation

Physical interventions and activity during cancer rehabilitation provide both psychological, social and physical benefits. Read more about the physical benefits of exercise during and after cancer treatment.

Patient Reflection on Cancer Related Fatigue

Through the eyes of a cancer patient, fatigue and energy levels can have a significant impact on life. The Pentimento Project can offer strategies to help minimise the effects of cancer related fatigue.